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Tour-Ed Mine combines history and science with tons of fun!

When you look at attractions in Pittsburgh, there are many created the same way such as museums, kids play centers, amusements, historical sites, etc. Tour-Ed Mine & Museum blends all of these elements with history and science to make what we think is one of the best attractions in Pittsburgh.

We mix education with fun. Our visitors learn the history of what it was like to mine in the 1850’s and what is like to be a coal miner today. And yes, being one of the most unique attractions in Pittsburgh, you get to experience all of this in a real coal mine a 1/2 mile beneath the earth’s surface! A real coal miner will take you on a safe, educational journey with your family, friends, classmates and others in a real man trip coal car down a real coal mine. Your mine guide will provide a fascinating show picking and shoveling coal the old fashioned way, starting up conveyors and drilling machines and other equipment from various periods in coal mining history and teaching the science of the earth. You will get the opportunity to see how dark a coal mine really is with the lights off. Upon your reentry to the surface and exploring the rest of attractions, you’ll see why we have one of the most unique attractions in Pittsburgh. Bring the family! Educate your class outside the classroom! We look forward to your visit soon!

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Earth Science Field Trips Pittsburgh

Canary in a Coal Mine?

Canary in a Coal Mine?

Miners would take canaries into a coal mine to detect the presence of dangerous methane gas or carbon monoxide. Today, coal miners have sophisticated equipment to detect and remove these dangerous gases.

Elementary School Field Trips Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh History Field Trips

History Field Trips

Tour-Ed Mine and Museum provides one of the most unique and educational field trips for schools in Pittsburgh. Your students will learn how coal was mined to meet the steel making furnaces in Pittsburgh during the American Industrial Revolution and how immigrants from all over the world were recruited to mine coal.
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Scientific Field Trips in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Science Field Trips

Pittsburgh Science Field Trips

Tour-Ed Mine and Museum has created one of the most unique and educational field trips for elementary schools and grade schools in Pittsburgh. Your students will learn the science behind mining.
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