Tour-Ed Museum

Coal Miners Museum - Explore Thousands of Historical Antiques on Display at one of the most unique museums in Pittsburgh

The Tour-Ed Museum has thousands of authentic, historical pieces on display for our visitors. It’s not just a coal miners museum, there are many general store items, countless tools and unique antiques. In fact, our museum houses one of the most extensive and unusual collections of antiques in Pittsburgh. You can say it’s one of the “coalest” museums in Pittsburgh!

Family Events in Pittsburgh

So if you are looking for family events in Pittsburgh and fun things to do with grandparents grandkids in Pittsburgh, visit the Tour-ed Coal Mine & Museum. This is one of those Pittsburgh fun trips where it’s very affordable and you can spend a couple to three hours with the family and have fun while learning about the heritage of coal mining in Western Pennsylvania.

Coal Miners Museum

Company Scrip

Company Scrip

See all kinds of items in the company general store miners and their families were able to purchase with the company scrip. Everything from food and clothes to blankets and lanterns.

Antiques In Pittsburgh

Knock! Knock!

Welcome to our home.

Visitors can enter a recreated home of a typical coal miner in the 1850s and learn how their families lived. No computers, cell phones or mobile devices in here.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas

Really “Coal” Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Pittsburgh's most unique Birthday Parties! Tired of the same old pizza party? Have a "Real Coal" Birthday Party with us! The package includes a mine tour, the museum, on-grounds environmental train ride for your guests and you can reserve the pavilion in our park area to set-up your birthday base! Happy Birthday to You!